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CALL US at 954-594-9490

Breedmaster Dog Training

Dog Training Packages

Breedmaster Dog Training offers packages to fit every pocketbook. From Group Obedience Classes to private lessons in your home. There are options for everyone! Give us a call @ 954-382-5037, we are waiting for your call!

Happy Customers!!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Pictured with my boys in 2007 while we were training his Shih Tzu, Hank Aaron Jr. In 2009 we also trained his second Shih Tzu Madison Elisa. Thanks! Dany & Dwayne

Advanced Obedience

With the World as it is today, there remains one constant; People will always buy dogs and they will need to have them trained! Contact Breedmaster Dog Training today and find out how you can train your dog “Hands on” while you are also learning to be a handler!

Our History

Welcome to Breedmaster Dog Training

Your one-stop spot for all your dog training needs. We’re located outside of Ft. Lauderdale in Southwest Ranches, but we’re as close as just a click or call away. Contact our Master trainer to discuss your dog training wants and needs, make an appointment for your free one-on-one evaluation, set up a video conference or make an appointment to visit one of our lovable Trained dogs available for sale. Give us a call today, why wait? The puppy won’t get better by it’s self!.

Dog Training Programs

Serving all of South Florida from West Palm Beach to the Florida Key’s including the West Coast

Advanced Obedience

Come to Breedmaster Dog Training for the most advanced dog training available. When you meet with us at your free one-on-one evaluation, we will assess your dog and come up with a plan of action to help you and your dog to realize your Dog Training goals. Call us today to set up your free evaluation!

Crate Training

I know some people think it is mean to put a puppy in a crate, but the truth is, It’s not! The mean thing is to just throw a puppy into the mix to try to figure things out on their own, They are scared and unsure and a place of their own will make them feel safe and secure!

Off Leash

When your dog is off the leash, the big distraction is’ Everything around them!! The entire outside World is Universal Studios and inside your home is Disney World. We think of distractions ‘ squirrels, other animals, everything in the whole great outdoors ‘ as obstacles to training. They can get in the way of having our dogs do what we want, but if we use them in the training process, well, then they help to teach the dog to pay attention to you.

Drop-off Camp

Our Drop off Camp also known as “the Board and Train program” is renowned for its ability to change your dogs for the better! If a hectic environment or a very busy schedule makes in-home training impractical consider enrolling your dog in our Drop off Camp.

Vacation Crash Course

Do you need your Dog Trained? Do you want a Vacation? Come to South Florida and get the best of both worlds! We are here to help you accomplish both! Come to Fort Lauderdale on Vacation and get your dog trained at the same time!

Trained dogs for sale

Dreaming of a family companion dog without the hassles of training one? There are many options to choose from.

Veterinarian Approved

DR. JAN BELLOWS DVM, DIPL, AVDC, ABVP is just one of the many Veterinarian offices that refer Breedmaster Dog Training! Dr. Bellows is one of six board certified companion animal specialists (canine and feline) in Broward County, as well as one of 114 board certified veterinary dentists in the United States.

Groomer on Premises

Breedmaster Dog Training offers an on-site Groomer. Our Groomer is a Petsmart Grooming school Graduate. Breedmaster’s Grooming is available for our Drop-off camp clients or graduates of any of our Training programs.

Are you ready to start training?


Here at Breedmaster Dog Training, we have rewarding dog training opportunities available’ from Dog Trainer positions to our School for Dog Trainers, we search for those individuals who are passionate about training dogs, have excellent presentation / people skills and are driven to grow and excel in their careers with us.

For those who enjoy working with dogs and have great communication skills with people, Breedmaster Dog Training is the perfect place for you to start to build a dog training career. You will have the opportunity to be a part of a loving family that offers endless opportunities for professional development and personal enrichment. You will also have the opportunity to team up with and learn from others who share your values and commitment. Give us a call Today or send us a message and we’ll get back to you, your new career is waiting for you!!

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