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Advanced Obedience - continued

Come to Breedmaster Dog Training for the most advanced dog training available. When you meet with us at your free "one-on-one" dog evaluation, we will assess your dog and ask lots of questions to determine what you want from your dog's training, and then work with you and your dog to realize those goals. From Private Training at your home to Drop off Camp, come to Breedmaster Dog Training for the ultimate in obedience and dog care.

At Breedmaster Dog Training, we train all breeds of dogs, and you can be confident knowing your dog will be well taken care of. The dogs learn to heel by your side, sit, stay, down-stay and come when called. And more!

This program is for those interested in taking their dog to the next level in training and is intended to prepare you and your dog for Off-Leash Training or the AKC Good Citizen test.