Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Pictured here with my boys in 2007 while we were training his Shih Tzu, Hank Aaron Jr. In 2009 we also trained his second Shih Tzu Madison Elisa. Thanks! Dany & Dwayne

Chris Everett

We trained Chris’s beagle “Lucky” in 2003

Nick & Christina Markakis

Reiley, a Weimaraner and Nicco, their 1 year old Cane Corso.

David & Cindi Samson

In 2006 we trained Finley, a white toy poodle. She continued to come for babysitting for years.

Jeff “Canine Conine” & Cindy Conine

With their 10 month old, Off Leash Trained, Golden Retriever, Oakley

David Bowens

We had the pleasure of training David’s 2 dogs, Boocup, a Fila and Bo, a Pom pom in 2005. What a great guy with 2 wonderful dogs!

Damion & Precious McIntosh

We had a blast training Damion’s 3 dogs. Buju, a Bull Mastiff, Peanut, a Shih Tzu & Zena, a Yorkie. We trained the dogs in 2005.

Wile E. and Bear

These wolf hybreds were owned by the same family.